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The Challenge

Despite a rise in installed generation capacity worldwide, the deployment of renewable energy can at times be challenging if projects do not meet certain standards to obtain the necessary financial support. Added to this, there is a perception of high technology risk, cumbersome administrative procedures, insufficient transparency in the project cycle, as well as limited access to institutional and commercial financing instruments.

IRENA Project Navigator

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has developed Project Navigator - an online platform providing comprehensive, easily accessible, and practical information, tools and guidance to assist in the development of bankable renewable energy projects.
Learning Section

The Project Navigator's Learning Section contains technical concept guidelines for various renewable energy technologies, including bioenergy, geothermal, minigrids, small hydropower, solar PV, and on-shore wind.

Learning Section

Explore knowledge

The Project Navigator's Interactive Workspace enables developers to link knowledge and tools to develop projects, track progress, identify gaps, and export work with dedicated templates.

Interactive Workspace

Start your own project
Financial Navigator

The Financial Navigator features a search engine that provides detailed information on some of the most important renewable energy funding sources worldwide to assist developers in the realisation of their projects.

Financial Navigator

Find project financing
624 Projects
180 Countries
2200 Registered Users

Explore IRENA resources to tackle issues associated with the development of a renewable energy project

IRENA Project Navigator introduces a project lifecycle process structured in several distinct phases designed to support the progressive development of renewable energy projects. The learning section features easy-to-access knowledge materials for each renewable energy technology featuring practical tools, real-life case studies and industry best practices.
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IRENA Project Navigator learning section features

Project Development Process

Project Development Process guidance

Address risks and make informed decisions to develop a bankable renewable energy project

Technical Concept Guidelines

Technical Concept Guidelines

Access knowledge & best practices covering the lifecycle of a renewable energy project

Tools & Templates

Tools, Templates & Case Studies

Download materials to support the development of a renewable energy project​​​​​​​​​

Renewable Energy Technical Concept Guidelines

IRENA Project Navigator provides critical information, analysis and best practices covering the complete project lifecycle​ of multiple renewable energy technologies

Onshore Wind Power

Harnessing the energy of wind to generate electricity with turbines located on land

Utility-scale Solar PV

Large scale use of solar photovoltaic cells to convert solar radiation from the sun into direct current electricity

Small Hydropower

Electricity generated using the energy of moving water with a reservoir and a dam controlling flow

Woody Biomass

Ligno-cellulosic biomass coming from woody plants such as trees for the production of solid biofuels


Improve reliability of energy supply in remote areas by combining small-scale renewable energy generators and storage in a smart distribution grid


Sustainable access to natural heat from the Earth’s crust, often associated with volcanoes to pump up hot water or steam from deep wells to generate electricity

Solar Home Systems

Stand-alone solar PV systems that offer a cost-effective mode of supplying vital power for residential applications such as lighting and appliances to remote off-grid households​​​​​​​

IRENA Project Navigator

Supporting renewable energy project development worldwide

Use the interactive workspace
to build a bankable renewable energy project proposal

IRENA Project Navigator enables developers access tools to prepare projects, keep track of their progress, identify gaps, and export their work with dedicated templates for further processing. Tools such as financial models, checklists and evaluation forms can be applied to help structure bankable project proposals.
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IRENA Project Navigator interactive workspace features

  • Impact
    Apply Knowledge

    Apply tailored-made materials to your project that advance your renewable energy project

  • Practical
    Tools & templates

    Use materials in your project based on a specific technical concept guidelines

  • Progress
    Track your pace

    Monitor the progress in the phases of project development

  • Searchable
    Find information

    Easily accessible search function to find key information

  • Confidential
    Secure platform access

    Use the platform in confidence. Export your work at anytime

  • Comprehensive
    Renewable energy coverage

    Work with most major renewable energy technologies

  • Global
    Reaching projects worldwide

    Platform adapted to many local needs

  • Updates
    Fast & continuous improvement

    Benefit from IRENA's work on renewable energy to stay up-to-date with technology improvements

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Connect with renewable energy financing instruments
that suit your project

IRENA Project Navigator supports project developers by simplifying the connection with financing instruments relevant for a specific project.
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Sample of funds accessible in the Financial Navigator:

Project Example

World Bank
Clean Technology Fund (CTF)

  • RE Technology coverage: All

  • Type of fund: Equity, debt (indirect)

  • Total fund size: 5 200 MUSD

  • Typical financing: up to 50 MUSD
Project Example

European Investment Bank
EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (ITF)

  • RE Technology coverage: All

  • Type of fund: Equity, grant, others

  • Total fund size: 1 084 MUSD

  • Typical financing: up to 30 MUSD
Project Example

KfW Group
Climate partnerships with the private sector

  • RE Technology coverage: All

  • Type of funding: Equity, debt

  • Total fund size: 120 MEUR (annually)

  • Typical financing: Project specific
Project Example

Asian Development Bank
ADB Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility (CEFPF)

  • RE Technology coverage: Bioenergy

  • Type of funding: Equity, Debt, Grant, Others

  • Total fund size: 250 MUSD

  • Typical financing: 1 MUSD
Project Example

IRENA/ADFD Project Facility

  • RE Technology coverage: All

  • Type of fund: Concessional loans

  • Total fund size: 350 MUSD

  • Typical financing: Project specific
Project Example

GEF Secretariat
Global Environment Facility

  • RE Technology coverage: All

  • Type of fund: Grants and co-investments

  • Total fund size: 4 250 MUSD

  • Typical financing: 4.6 MUSD (average)

Virtual marketplace for renewable energy projects

Sustainable Energy Marketplace
The IRENA Sustainable Energy Marketplace is an online platform that aims at scaling up the existing global investment and support the channeling of public and private finance to meet the demand in the market. The virtual marketplace is a relevant channel for financiers to screen a wide variety of renewable energy projects and helps project developers to identify potential stakeholders.
IRENA Marketplace

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